Solar Energy Design & Installation

Does your residence or business have solar potential? At Mains Electric, we’re here to help answer that and get you started on your journey toward energy independence.

From systems designed to power a small home, to large scale arrays which accommodate commercial needs. With a large number of successful solar installations, Mains Electric is quickly becoming the leader in solar installations in New Hampshire and Maine.

The sun is powerful. We help deliver that power.

Harnessing the power of the sun is more practical, reliable, and affordable than ever. We design and install complete solar energy systems custom fit to your home or commercial property needs. From initial analysis and concepts, through design, installation, and monitoring, our team prides itself on being your solar energy partner every step of the way.

We Offer New Hampshire Residents Financing on Solar


Site Review

Is your home or commercial property a good fit for solar potential? Is your roof suitable? How much sun do you receive throughout the day? We’ll review and assess your current energy usage, and use your location to map and estimate the potential your property has for creating solar energy. We’ll also review your current energy bill to consider the long term benefits and potential payback of a solar energy system.


Custom Design & Installation

Based on what we learned during our site review, we’ll design and build a system following all state electrical and building codes. We’ll apply for the necessary permits and handle all of the important requirements to professionally install a system that’s specially suited to maximize your property’s fullest solar energy potential.


Monitoring & Support

Your system is designed to be operational for years, and as your solar energy partner, we’re here to provide ongoing support through the life of it. Energy monitoring ensures your system’s peak performance over time.

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